“Busy is the new normal these days and unless I had a scheduled workout I could never “find the time”. What I love about working out at SoCal is that the trainers offer customized individual workouts in a group setting with knowledgeable trainers who push you and motivate you clients to be your best. I have seen great results with my strength and weight loss - with their help and guidance. As an added bonus they have built a great community around working out and offer social events and even cardio groups. I am still busy but know I don’t have to “find the time: to workout because it is built into my week. Jeff, Rob, and Carisa care about their clients and have a program that shows real results!”




“Best place for a person who hasn’t been in a Gym in 34 yrs and can’t stand the hyper crunching and grunting at the local Meat Market gyms...
Steady and personalized fitness with polite and dedicated trainers and a low key attitude.”



I have been training at SoCal Sport and Fitness for a bit of time now, so I can speak confidently about the sessions and my results.

This is the first time I have been consistent with my training and workouts in a long time. As a business owner I work 60+ hours a week, so it has been difficult to make time to workout and train. I started here when my primary physician warned me that I was overweight and needed to be more active and lose a significant amount of weight.

With the friendly and very knowledgeable trainers, custom programs, holistic approach, and wonderful community- I always look forward to attending my sessions and have not looked back since.

The sessions are semi-private (consisting from usually 2-4 people). There are people of all different fitness levels, and from all different walks of life. There are never any big egos or judgment, but instead, a very encouraging and supportive environment.

Since becoming a client at this gym, not only have I lost a good amount of weight (which was my initial goal), I have kept the weight off and also become stronger and have a lot more energy throughout the day - all while making friends.

The wonderful thing is that the approach here at the gym is not simply an overnight gimmick or cleanse, but a sustainable program design to create a healthy lifestyle someone like me can adopt and make part of my routine and life. For this I am very grateful and happy to recommend Socal Sport and Fitness to anyone.

-Jerry, West LA



So Cal is the best! Knowledgeable, professional, flexible, responsive, effective, and fun.

-Don, Arcadia