Modern Life

Modern life can run you down physically and mentally. Between work deadlines, family obligations and navigating traffic, responsibilities can do a lot of damage. When you really think about it, modern life can be a tyrant.

Many people just accept the frustration, anxiety and angst that modern life brings.

Most know exercise helps but, on their own, most people struggle with finding time to exercise and with knowing how to perform exercises.

Some people really want to feel better and so they reach out to us.

After an initial contact and then a meeting with a client where we listen to their goals, we carefully select individualized exercises.

During the first session and after, we carefully explain how to perform the exercises.

But it’s our clients who make time in their schedule to workout.

It’s our clients who show up at the studio.

It's our clients who often overcome self-consciousness around exercise.

We continue to instruct the workouts and offer education and encouragement, but It’s our clients who deserve the credit.

By working out just a few hours per week, our clients elevate energy, increase strength and better manage stress.

Daily physical activities become much easier.. Perspectives improve. Optimism sometimes returns.

In a phrase, life just feels better.

If we can help you do the same, please text or call 310-497-0863 today and let's talk.

We focus on YOUR SUCCESS while trying to keep it FUN and ENJOYABLE.

Our studio is "just the right size"

We are not a Mega-Gym...and we like it that way.

It allows us to provide the ideal personal training environment (lots of personal attention and coaching) to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Remember “Cheers” where “everyone knows your name?” Here, everyone knows your name.

Think of us as the opposite of the “Mega-gym."  The “Mega-gym” treats you as revenue only and takes zero personal attention in your success. We do everything in our power to be the polar opposite of that. 

We focus on and celebrate you:  Your successes.  Your goals.  Your workouts.

We focus on your well-being and your results. 


We always try to keep the environment fun an inviting. Take a look at some of the fun chalk art we feature in the studio!

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