Our Cast


Rob Savory


I’m Rob and I’m the head personal trainer at SoCalSport.  I conduct sessions and oversee all aspects of our personal training programs.  I have my BA in Kinesiology and hold multiple personal training certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  I try to bring a smile to everyone’s face and never take myself too seriously! The one thing I do take seriously is being a professional and my commitment  to learning, improving and helping. I love the community at SoCalSport and I love helping people make progress.

Fun Fact:  I like to spend my free time petting my cat Waffles and watching Star Trek.

Adrian Hines


Hi, my name is Adrian, and I have been a trainer at SoCal Sport since 2015!  I conduct sessions and help develop workout programs for clients.  I am a certified personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine and Functional Movement Systems.  While I’ve been playing sports since I was 5, I was 17 when I first began to take ownership of my own fitness journey.  At that time, I lacked a clear path towards achieving my fitness goals, but through study, I learned how to set clear steps forward for myself.  Because I vividly remember my own struggles, I developed a passion for helping others meet their goals, which drove me to pursue a career and further education in fitness.

Fun Fact:  I like taking my 1 yr old Boxer Apollo on walks in our neighborhood and I am also a master at fighting video games.


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Jeff Blair


I’m Jeff Blair and when I saw my dad’s life cut short by long work hours, too much stress and no exercise, I committed  to help others find a way to make fitness work in their busy lives. I’ve been teaching busy professionals how to do just that since 2002!   I have a Master's Degree (M.S.) in Human Movement and served on the Adjunct Faculty of A.T. Still University’s graduate program from 2008-2013. I am a published author and served on the Advisory Board for Men's Fitness magazine. My job here is to help you have the most successful and enjoyable experience possible.  If you have any questions about your experience, call my personal cell at 310-497-0863.

Fun Fact: I spent one college summer working as the Kentucky State Fair Bear travelling around my home state promoting the state fair dressed in a bear costume! My favorite sports team is the Louisville Cardinals.

Carisa Skretch


Hi!  I’m Carisa and I run all things administrative and creative here at SoCalSport.  Please contact me for any adjustments to your schedule or general questions via text, e-mail, or in person.  I also help organize our studio events and cardio club in addition to all the decorating! I grew up playing sports, but only began learning more about health and fitness in my mid-20’s when the sedentary lifestyle set in.  Now it’s a big part of my life and I enjoy sharing my passion with others. I love strength training, setting new goals, and discovering new healthy foods and recipes.

Fun Fact:   My mom is a landscape artist and I guess it runs in the family because I am an artist, too!  My preferred art medium is oil on wood or canvas, but chalk on wall is quickly becoming a close second.