I was looking for a way to switch up my workouts. I was about 20 lbs overweight and needed some help. Jeff Blair at SoCal Sport & Fitness told me that it was possible he could get me “in the best shape of my life”. I thought, yea right, I bet that’s what he says to everyone to get them to sign on. But Jeff and his crew were serious. And I was serious too. After about a year of training 2 to 3 times a week with him and adjusting the way I ate, I built more muscle mass, got more balanced/flexible, strengthened my back and core and wound up losing close to 25 lbs in the process! Not only that, I was able to run my first marathon and now I’m training for my second. I’m even featured in this month’s Men’s Health Magazine! Thanks to Jeff, even after a year or so, I’ve kept up the muscle, kept off the weight and I honestly am in the best shape of my life.
— Mick, Westchester

57 years old and trying to get back in shape without being injured or in pain...So Cal Fitness is great because they give you a personalized and individual workout and they know just how much to push/encourage you.
— Miki, Torrance

Busy is the new normal these days and unless I had a scheduled workout I could never “find the time”. What I love about working out at SoCal is that the trainers offer customized individual workouts in a group setting with knowledgeable trainers who push you and motivate you clients to be your best. I have seen great results with my strength and weightloss - with their help and guidance. As an added bonus they have built a great community around working out and offer social events and even cardio groups. I am still busy but know I don’t have to “find the time: to workout because it is built into my week. Jeff, Rob, Carissa and Adrian care about their clients and have a program that shows real results!
— Liz, Westchester
Best place for a person who hasn’t been in a Gym in 34 yrs and can’t stand the hyper crunching and grunting at the local Meat Market gyms...
Steady and personalized fitness with polite and dedicated trainers and a low key attitude.
— Ashok, Westchester